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"[S]uch is life that, whatever is proposed, it is much
easier to find reasons for rejecting than embracing."
- Samuel Johnson, The Rambler No. 39

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Why DACA Blog?
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When Doug Sicker (note: picture in link not representative of current hair length) recommended that we beging a wiki or a blog to continue the discussion of our DACA Regulatory Framework Working Group Report, the reaction at PFF was something like: "Oh no, you guys aren't going start another blog are you?"

Well, we are.

But this one will be a bit different. First, we opted for a blog over a wiki. Not only did we already have Movable Type ready to go, we thought that the term "blog" incited slightly less giggling than "wiki." Given these are serious issues, we opted for the lower giggle factor. Second, this will be a group blog, with all participants of the various Working Groups able to post. We will also, for the time being, enable the comment feature here, with the hope that we get some virtuous feedback loops going. We reserve the right to shut comments off in case we are overwhelmed by comment spam, or if the comments take on an uncivil or unhelpful tone.

The reason for the blog is to further explain, discuss, elucidate and generally argue about the provisions in the respective Working Group reports. Since we released the initial framework report, I have found myself in many very similar discussions explaining why the group made the choices it did; where the close calls were; and where disagreements remain. Also, I have found that the FTC model the Working Group endorsed is quite foreign to the understanding of communications lawyers. Accordingly, I hope that the various members of the Working Group can explain how we anticipate our recommended model to work.

Finally, we entitled our Working Group Report "Release 1.0". We take seriously that our proposal is a first draft, and through the workshop a few weeks ago, as well as the discussion on this blog, we hope to refine and make a better Digital Age Communications Act.

With that, let me declare this blog open for posting.

posted by Ray Gifford @ 2:30 PM | DACA General

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