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Some Great Podcasts about Online Safety & the ISTTF

Just wanted draw everyone's attention to a couple of great podcasts about online safety issues that include comments from members of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF). As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the ISTTF project and final report represent a major milestone in the discussion about online safety in America, and I was honored to serve as a member of this task force.

This in-depth "Radio Berkman" podcast featuring ISTTF director John Palfrey and co-director Dena Sacco is a really excellent (but lengthy!) overview of the ISTTF's word. Here's a shorter podcast that Prof. Palfrey did with Larry Magid of CNet. And I also recommend this excellent NPR "On the Media" podcast featuring my friend Stephen Balkam of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI).

For those interested, down below you will find a running list I have been keeping of coverage of the ISTTF. (I will try to keep updating this list here).

Articles and podcasts about the ISTTF:

Background info:

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