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New Economy Business Models (Carr vs. Anderson)

Somewhere between Nick Carr's "Typology of Network Strategies" and Chris Anderson's "Four Kinds of Free" is the secret to understanding our new economy:

Carr's "Typology of Network Strategies":

  1. Network effect

  2. Data mining

  3. Digital sharecropping, or "user-generated content"

  4. Complements

  5. Two-sided markets

  6. Economies of scale, economies of scope, and experience

Anderson's "Four Kinds of Free":

  1. Direct cross-subsidy (get one thing free, pay for another)

  2. Ad-supported (third-party subsidizes second party)

  3. "Freemium" (a few people subsidize everyone else)

  4. "Gift economy" (people give away things for non-monetary rewards)

Of course, both Carr and Anderson are building on theories and business models previously articulated by many others. A few that come to mind:

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