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Version 3.1 release: "Parental Controls & Online Child Protection"

Just FYI, the latest update of my booklet on "Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools & Methods" is now live. The new version, Version 3.1, provides minor updates to all sections of the book and a new appendix of relevant research in the field. I issue major updates early each year and 1 or 2 tweaks during the course of the year to reflect the evolution of the parental control and online child safety market and debate. ThiererBookCover062007

For those not familiar with the report, it explores the market for parental control tools, rating schemes, education efforts, and initiatives aimed at promoting online child safety. I believe that the parental controls and content management tools cataloged in the report represent a better, less restrictive alternative to government regulation. As I conclude after evaluating that state of the market: "There has never been a time in our nation's history when parents have had more tools and methods at their disposal to help them decide what constitutes acceptable media content in their homes and in the lives of their children."

The report is available free-of-charge on the PFF website, and the previous editions of the report are housed there too in case you want to see how it has evolved over the past two years. For those interested in taking a quick look at the report, I have embedded it down below the fold as a Scribd file. Finally, as is always the case, I encourage readers to send me updates and suggestions for how to improve the report and I will incorporate them into future versions.

Parental Controls and Online Content Protection-Version 3 0 (Thierer-PFF) - Upload a Document to Scribd

Read this document on Scribd: Parental Controls and Online Content Protection-Version 3 0 (Thierer-PFF)

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