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Spectrum Auction - The Aftermath

Auction participants are now talking about their plans for the spectrum acquired during the 700 MHz auction.

AT&T plans to expand a G4 architecture network to cover 87 percent of the US. The "B Block" spectrum gained by AT&T is unencumbered by open access restrictions.

Verizon, the other big winner in the auction, also plans to roll out "a fourth-generation network using long-term evolution (LTE) technology."

Qualcomm Inc. plans to expand its MediaFLO USA mobile television service.

Google didn't pick up any of spectrum but is apparently pleased with the results.

As was widely publicized, the reserve bid for the "D Block," which was organized as a public/private network to be used for public safety communications, was not met. Want to learn more about what the aftermath of the failed "D Block" auction means for public safety? PFF is hosting a CEO Luncheon with Declan Ganley April 29th, where Ganley and a panel of experts will discuss this very subject. More information can be found here.

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