Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Markey's Mobile Menace

The irony keeps pouring in. On a day when the nation's two largest wireless phone companies announced new unlimited flat-rate calling plans...

Verizon Wireless unveiled an unlimited flat-rate calling plan on Tuesday in a bid to attract high-end customers.

Rival AT&T Inc. announced a similar effort hours later.

Under Verizon Wireless's plan, for $99 a month subscribers can use their cellphones to call anyone in the U.S. at any time. AT&T will charge $99.99, with the plan available on all devices and roaming charges being eliminated.

...we also get word that Rep. Ed Markey is circulating a draft of a bill that would comprehensively regulate the wireless industry to protect consumers from this gross competition and unconscionably low prices served up by the providers of mobile communications services. Markey thinks mobile phones are menacing. I study this stuff for a living, and I still think they are pretty miraculous.

posted by Bret Swanson @ 2:41 PM | Wireless