Friday, February 15, 2008 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Leading pornographer lecturing Google & Yahoo about cleaning up online porn

So here we have one of the world’s leading pornographers lecturing Google & Yahoo about doing more to protect kids for online porn. Just bizarre. Next thing you know, Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner will be lecturing pay TV operators for not doing enough to stop people from viewing adult VOD channels!

But before Mr. Hirsch makes silly statements like "None of the search engines and portals, but particularly Yahoo and Google, has taken any significant steps" to keep children from viewing online pornography, perhaps he should click on the "Safe Search" buttons on each of those sites to see what each search provider already offers. As I pointed out in my book on "Parental Controls & Online Child Protection," those safe search tools are surprisingly effective in rooting out most of that porn that Mr. Hirsch and his colleagues produce.

posted by Adam Thierer @ 2:59 PM | Free Speech , Online Safety & Parental Controls