Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Momentum for the FTC?

I hate to get ahead of myself with irrational exuberance, but my primary takeaway from the Aspen Summit is that there is a possible consensus that the FTC might be the appropriate institution for addressing the net neutrality issue, and broadband competition policy more generally. FTC Chairman Majoras highlighted the conference by announcing the Internet Access task force. Dick Notebaert echoed Chairman Majoras's call for the FTC to take a leadership role in the broadband market. Even my friends at Google appear inclined to consider an FTC-centric role for the net neutrality issue.
To the extent that the Summit helped forward the FTC as the rule of law regulator for the broadband marketplace, and forward the DACA approach toward regulation of the communications marketplace, I would rather audaciously submit it was a success.

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