Friday, October 7, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Outside the Beltway -- An Informal PFF Tour

For one reason or another, PFF fellows are taking our message outside of the Washington Beltway during October.

On Monday, October 3, Ray Gifford and PFF Board Member John Rutledge addressed the Indiana legislature's regulatory reform committee. Ray talked a bit about his proposal, with Adam Peters, for a model state act.

Last week I was in Charleston, South Carolina to address state think tank executives at a meeting of the State Policy Network. Later this month I'll also be at the University of Missouri for a luncheon address at a telecommunications symposium. Topic: Applied Federalism: Shaping the Communications Landscape. Keeping with the theme, a DACA-related event at the University of Colorado School of Law is on the schedule this month as well. Look for a handfull of PFF folks to be in Boulder on October 26th.

Finally, I'll also be in Illinois on the 25th for a guest lecture at Northwestern University on public choice and the recent energy bill. Though it doesn't take him outside of the Beltway, Kyle Dixon is also guest lecturing in October at Georgetown.

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