Friday, August 5, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Kovacic and Swindle Exactly Right for The FTC

Todd Zywicki gets it exactly right on the incoming and departing FTC commissioners, Bill Kovacic and Orson Swindle, respectively.

This should not be taken as an endorsement of Commissioner Swindle's unfortunate affection for the Atlanta Braves, a great team whose fans don't deserve their consistent, machine-like excellence and success. As for Zywicki's revelation that the rest of The FTC is full of Yankees fans, that has caused me to reconsider my assessment of it as a "model agency." My new position is the FTC should be abolished to end this embrace with an organization which so vigorously embraces and typifies "unfair competition," the very statutory charge the FTC is given to root out.

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