Friday, March 11, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

On and Off Tobacco Roads

If you want to read more mind-stretching (boggling?) pieces like this one by me and this one by Ray on the the metaphysics (religious, Kantian, or otherwise) of VoIP stay tuned. I'm sure you'll be back in the the right space ever so soon.

But it does warrant noting --in passing--that Duke plays its opening game in the ACC B-Ball tournament tonight, and I'm sure the vast majority of readers of this blog will be joining me in rooting on the Blue Devils (hummmmm..speaking of things religiously metaphysical.)

It's a downright shame that this year's tourney is not being played, as it should be, somewhere on Tobacco Road. For those that may not know, Tobacco Road is that somewhat imaginary, but nevertheless somewhat real, road that runs between Raleigh, home of the Wolfpack, and Winston-Salem, home of the Demon Deacons, and right through Chapel Hill and the Duke Chapel. (If that is not enough to make you realize that Tobacco Road has metaphysical qualities tending in the direction of the spiritual rather than the pure Kantian, then I'll see you at the St. Johns' weekly philosophy colloquium next Monday!)

Anyway, all of Tobacco Road this year curiously has been moved inside the Beltway...and may the best Devils win.

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