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event video: "What Should the Next Communications Act Look Like?"

PFF hosted an event last Friday asking "What Should the Next Communications Act Look Like?" and the folks at NextGenWeb were kind enough to make a video of the event and post it online along with a writeup. The event featured (in order of appearance) Link Hoewing of Verizon, Walter McCormick of US Telecom, Peter Pitsch of Intel, Barbara Esbin of PFF, Ray Gifford of Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer, and Michael Calabrese of the New America Foundation. It was a terrific discussion and it couldn't have been more timely in light of recent regulatory developments at the FCC. Here's the 90-min event video if you are interested:

posted by Adam Thierer @ 9:49 PM | Broadband , Communications , Net Neutrality , The FCC