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Summary of Tech Policy Summit Panel 1 at CES: Future of Broadband

I'm attending the Tech Policy Summit at CES in Las Vegas today and tomorrow. Lots of good discussions. The focus of the first panel, which was entitled, "Making Nationwide Deployment and Adoption of Broadband a Reality," was what we should expect from the National Broadband Plan. This is particularly timely as the FCC just announced today it would be delaying the rollout of the plan.

This TPS session was moderated by technology journalist Steve Wildstrom. The panelists were:

Below is my summary of what each of the panelists had to say.

Anna Gomez - National Telecommunications & Information Association

Carlos Kirjner - Federal Communications Commission

Susan Crawford - Univ. of Michigan & former White House advisor

Neil Fried - House Energy & Commerce minority counsel

Amy Levine - House Energy & Commerce majority counsel

Karen Jackson - Dept Sec of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia's Technology Division

Andrew McLaughlin, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

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