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Jenkins on new Pew report about "Teens, Video Games, and Civics"

So I was just finishing up this excellent new Pew report on "Teens, Video Games and Civics," and was about to post some thoughts about it when I saw in my RSS feed that the brilliant Henry Jenkins had beat me to it in an essay entitled "Video Game Myths Revisited." Prof. Jenkins summarizes the major findings of the Pew report as follows (note: He elaborates on each finding in his essay):

Anyway, make sure to read Henry's write-up and the entire Pew report. Good stuff. [And here's the point where I once again shamelessly plug my old paper on video game myths and some of my other essays like "Dear Gov. Patterson... Regarding that Video Game Bill You Are About to Sign," "Understanding The True Cost of Video Game Censorship Efforts," "Do video games create cop killers?" and "Why hasn't violent media turned us into a nation of killers?"]

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