Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Still No. 1, but . . .

The Business Software Alliance released its annual survey of global IT competitiveness today. Measured in six categories like work-force, R&D, and property rights, the U.S. once again ranked first, with Taiwan, Sweden, and Denmark entering the top five. But BSA, which cooperates on the study with the Economist Intelligence Unit, found the U.S. lead is shrinking. They found that America could be slipping backward in the Workforce, R&D, and Openness categories.

The increasing competitiveness and wealth of nations is a good thing -- a very good thing. But to exploit this welcome development, the U.S. needs to pursue ever smarter policies on immigration, taxes, education, and free trade, and recommit to its culture of entrepreneurship.

See for yourself here.

posted by Bret Swanson @ 3:07 PM | Global Innovation