Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Of "Cartels" and Price Wars

So, if Tim Wu's thesis is correct that the broadband marketplace is "a cartel," should we be reading headlines in today's Wall Street Journal and CNET News.com like this: "Price War Erupts For High-Speed Internet Service" and "Broadband Price War Brews"? From the WSJ story:

The battle between cable and phone companies to sign up new customers for high-speed Internet service is heating up, creating fresh opportunities for consumers to cut their bills. [...] While the most generous offers are coming from the phone companies, some analysts expect cable companies will also become more aggressive in their own promotions as they compete to retain customers.

Geez, if that's a cartel, give me more of them!

posted by Adam Thierer @ 8:11 PM | Broadband , Communications