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Britannica Blog's excellent "Newspapers & the Net" forum

The Britannica Blog has been running an absolutely terrific series of essays on “Newspapers & the Net,” which is examining the questions: "Are newspapers dead? Should we care?" The series kicks off with essays from three of my absolute favorite bloggers: Nick Carr, Clay Shirky and Jay Rosen, who is the author of the amazing blog, PressThink. I highly recommend that you read all the installments, however. Here's the rundown of participants and essays in the series thus far:

Monday, April 7:

Nicholas Carr: “The Great Unbundling: Newspapers & the Net“

Clay Shirky: “What Newspapers & Journalism Need Now: Experimentation, not Nostalgia“

Tuesday, April 8:
Jay Rosen: “Newspapers & the Net: Where’s the Business Model, People?”

Jon Talton: “When I Hear the Term ‘Citizen Journalist,’ I Reach For My Pistol!“

Wednesday, April 9:
Charles M. Madigan: “Why Almost Everyone is Wrong About Newspapers & the Internet“

Mary Stuckey: “How Technology and Online News Saved Political Rhetoric“

Thursday, April 10:
Colette Bancroft: “Reading Ain’t Dead: Books, Newspapers, and the Net“

Friday, April 11:
Caryle Murphy: “Foreign Correspondents & the Information Revolution“

Jennifer Saba: “Look at the Numbers: Why Print Will Continue to Matter to Newspapers“

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