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Video games, pro wrestling, and the politics of hypocrisy

For those of you who aren't avid WWE wrestling watchers, the 3 leading presidential candidates all offered up videos for the professional wrestling crowd recently. McCain's freakish one is right below and Hillary and Obama's are down below the fold. They all cracked a bunch of jokes and used what were obviously scripted remarks that integrate in the requisite number of wresting analogies. And they all talked all sort of stupid smack, just like pro wrestlers do. [It reminded me of former candidate Mike Huckabee’s bizarre cultural politics].

Anyway, Dennis McCauley of GamePolitics.com raises some good questions about the pandering going on in these videos:

Watching these videos brings a few video game-related points to mind:

First, will we ever see major candidates making official appearances within a video game, or even at a video game event? Second, why is WWE, with its real-life violence, steroid abuse issues, and hyper-sexualized “diva” wrestlers an acceptable venue for presidential candidates while video games are, apparently, not? Finally, if one of these candidates goes after video game violence in the future, whether as president or as a meber of the Senate, they need to be reminded of their political pandering to the wrestling audience.

Indeed, it's the politics of hypocrisy at work once again.

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