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Media Metrics: The Series So Far

I realized it might make sense to have a single meta-link for all the installments in my ongoing "Media Metrics" series, so this will be it. To reiterate, the goal of the Media Metrics series is to paint the most thorough and objective portrait of the true state of the modern media marketplace using evidence, not emotion. Too often, media debates get caught up in rhetorical skirmishes based upon the way people "feel" about media. In this series, by contrast, I hope to replace feelings with facts and provide an objective assessment of where we stand today. My PFF colleague Grant Eskelsen are also in the process of compiling all of this material into a single database / report that we plan on making available shortly to policymakers, the press, and the public to use as a resource. Here are the online installments I have already posted:

#1: Introduction & Analytical Framework (1/16/08)
#2: Household Access to Media Services & Technologies (1/17/08)
#3: Ad Wars [a look at advertising competition & substitution] (1/20/08)
#4: Changing Fortunes [market capitalization comparisons] (1/29/08)
#5: The Competition for our Ears [audio marketplace analysis] (2/1/08)
#6: The Video Revolution (3/2/08)
#7: An Uncertain Future for Newspapers (3/5/08)

[... up next in the series... a report on the magazine market.]

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