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While the FCC wages a war on cable...

"Cable-TV Industry Girds for New Threats." That's the title of an article today from Ben Charny of the Wall Street Journal, who is reporting on what he's seeing at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and how it is upending the traditional TV market:

"[A]s evidenced this week by the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas... thanks to the Internet becoming a bigger distributor of entertainment, and new gadgets and other developments that make it easier to show the Internet's content on TVs. ... As the Internet becomes a larger provider of video, and technology makers ease the flow of that content to television sets, it threatens the cable and satellite industries. Currently, the number of subscriber dropouts remains relatively small, according to cable and satellite operators, but anecdotal evidence suggests those affected by a souring U.S. economy are more inclined to keep their less-expensive Internet services than their cable-TV subscriptions.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was out at the show this week, too. Hopefully he was watching and listening so his outrageous regulatory "war on cable" can finally come to an end.

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