Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

As Maine Goes…

If a state feels a compelling need to enact some sort of net neutrality legislation, it would do well to follow Maine’s lead. Maine has adopted a strategy that seems to be harmless and presumably makes at least some people feel good. Its legislature rejected a bill that would actually have mandated real net neutrality restrictions and instead passed a resolution calling on the state’s Office of Public Advocate to monitor Internet access and report back (even though, as the resolution acknowledges, broadband is a federal responsibility). Of course, there is no lack of monitoring of Internet access currently, and if there were problems we would hear about them. So, the even better course for states to follow would be to abstain from passing anything at all. But if it makes people feel good, then the Maine strategy is the way to go.

posted by Tom Lenard @ 5:11 PM | Broadband , Net Neutrality