Wednesday, March 7, 2007 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Remarks at Freedom to Connect conference

Despite our differences on many issues, David Isenberg was kind enought to invite me to address the "Freedom to Connect" conference this week. Luckily, David didn't ask me to comment on Net neutrality, municipal networks, or anything like that or else it is likely I would have been drawn and quartered on the stage!

Instead, David asked me to give the audience an overview of some the things happening on the First Amendment front in Washington right now and focus on the prospects for data retention and age verification mandates in particular. I was about to write up my remarks from the event, but Susan Crawford of Cardozo Law School and Andrew Noyes of National Journal were there and did a much better job summarizing what I had to say, so check out their blog posts if you are interested.

posted by Adam Thierer @ 10:13 AM | Free Speech