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Virtual Reality Reporters

My post earlier today about virtual reality helmets is probably all based on a big Internet hoax, but this virtual reality story is 100% legit. Reuters has announced that it is opening a "Second Life News Center" and assigning a reporter (Adam Pasick, who is shown below) to cover breaking developments in this cyber-world.

For those of you who aren't as big of a nerd as me, "Second Life" is an incredible massive multiplayer online game that, as the title implies, allows hundred of thousands of people to build new lives and interact in a new world together. (This month's Wired magazine has a wondeful guide to the game if you need a good primer.) And now mainstream media reporters will be covering developments there, wherever "there" may be. Pretty cool, and it's another sign of how video games have become a major force in modern society / culture.

Virtual Reality Reporter.jpg

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