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Into the Sunset?

Well, it isn't exactly a heroic ride off into the sunset with the background of the Monument Valley (yes, I've watched John Ford westerns far too many times), but next week marks the end of my tenure as President of PFF.
I am humbled by the well wishes from those with whom I often disagree, Professor Lessig and Jeff Pulver. Even more, I owe thanks to the many colleagues and friends I have made these past years. DC is a place where cynicism can easily thrive, but there are also many thoughtful, principled folks who are struggling for the right answers within the often disspiriting insititutional situation.
I do think we did some things of real value while I was at PFF -- the Digital Age Communications Act, the Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics, the founding of the Center for Digital Media Freedom and the blossoming of, to name just a few. These programs, and the dedicated folks who make them possible at PFF, will continue to thrive and grow. The cynics' eyes will roll, but I have been privileged to work with wonderful colleagues whose devotion to human liberty is complete and unfailing. Though there are practical imperatives for any institution, the think tank world is really a place for dippy idealists who believe that ideas matter.
With this reverie going on way too long, I think I'll go watch the Searchers again.
I am not going far -- just to the less managerially taxing role of Senior Adjunct Fellow. In the meantime, look me up in my new gig here, where we'll try and change the face of regulatory, competition and IP law from the inside out (cynical snickers welcome here).

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