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Does This Phone Match My Shoes?

There is nothing like discovering an asinine study to shake the early August lethargy.

I'm referring to "Women's Watch: Girls Gone Wired," a study commissioned by the Oxygen Network.

Maybe "asinine" is too strong of a word but, from reading the summary, I can only imagine how the survey questions are framed. A few choice bits:

"90% [would] prefer [to receive a] media center PC vs. designer shoes"

"Only 15% feel a cell phone is a fashion accessory, like jewelry and handbags"

And, my co-worker Eileen's personal favorite:

"83% of women are excited about getting a new tech item, and only 7% are afraid they might break it"
(Oh, my! I'm just so scared of all those fancy buttons!!!)

Probably the most surprising item in the press release / summary is the quote attributed to Geraldine Laybourne, Chairman and CEO of Oxygen Media:

"Girls Gone Wired is Oxygen's most ambitious Women’s Watch study yet, and we have gotten amazing new insights into women and technology."

Yes, this female executive in the television industry supposedly views this study's findings as "amazing insight." Wow. I'm just not sure what annoys me more.

(Thanks GMSV for bringing this to my attention)

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