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Maryland Electricity Update

Maryland's descent into regulatory chaos and insanity proceeds apace.
The Baltimore Sun has a good synopsis of what is going on. My op-ed appeared in The Sun today and can be found here.
I spent some time with the briefs from the lawsuit filed by the dismissed PSC members last night, and must say there appears to be a valid state constitutional objection to the legislature's statutory dismissal of a body that constitutionally can only be removed by the governor for official malfeasance. Perhaps my favorite part of the Maryland legislature's dismissal statute is its siting of legal challenges to the Act in Baltimore City. Given the Democratic bent of Balmer' and the hyperpartisan nature of this dispute with the Republican Governor Ehrlich, I think this is what is colloquially known as being "home-towned."
We will have to wait and see if the Maryland appellate courts play it straight on the outcome...

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