Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

More on Saving the Internet

As Adam points out, if the Internet needs saving from anything it's from more regulation. Thus I'd like to point readers in the direction of another coalition I recently learned of, Hands Off the Internet:

Hands Off The Internet is a nationwide coalition of Internet users united together in the belief that the Net's phenomenal growth over the past decade stems from the ability of entrepreneurs to expand consumer choices and opportunities without worrying about government regulation. We believe consumers across America see the results of this "hands off" approach - through such benefits as expanded distance education opportunities, improved access and speed to almost any information, on-line commerce, and an easier and inexpensive way to communicate with family and colleagues.

I couldn't agree more. And the group further confirms my longstanding contention that tech policy and Internet deregulation shouldn't be partisan -- its co-chairman is former Clinton and DNC spokesman Mike McCurry.

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