Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Meat and Fruit

It's been noted in this blog that Argentina seems to produce the best beef on the planet. Well, in Sao Paulo I fell in love with the fruit, some of which I recognized and others I didn't.

The fruit was all fantastic, in slices or juice. Have you ever purchased some tropical juice made from concentrate? Pretty flavorful, right? Well, multiply the flavor by a factor of twenty and you'll have a sense of the fresh juice I had yesterday with breakfast and lunch. And a native told me that there are more amazing fruits to be found in the northeast of Brazil that for some reason aren't available in Sao Paulo. Yet as I went on and on about how envious I was, he said that actually he was envious of me - he is a huge fan of cranberries, which while plentiful in the U.S. apparently aren't available in Brazil. I guess the world isn't completely flat yet.

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