Wednesday, January 18, 2006 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Two New PFF Editorials on A La Carte

A la carte regulation continues to be a hot topic these days and I've recently penned two new editorials on the subject.

First, I have a piece in today's National Review Online with the rather boring title "A La Carte Cable Concerns." It's a response to this piece by Cesar Conda in which he made they case for conservatives to support a la carte regulation.

Second, Ray Gifford and I penned an editorial on a la carte for the Rocky Mountain News last week as a counter-point to an essay by Brent Bozell and Gene Kimmelman. Our editorial can be found here.

For more background on the a la carte debate, read my PFF paper on the "Moral and Philosophical Aspects of the Debate over A La Carte Regulation" and this essay on "A 'Voluntary' Charade: The 'Family-Friendly Tier' Case Study."

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