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Top Ten Family Friendly Tier Shows

Now that Comcast and Time Warner have capitulated to family-friendly tiering mau-mauing (it's almost like the regulators have enormous leverage or something because of a pending transaction), with the help of some smart contributors, we bring you the top-rated family-friendly tiered shows for 2006:

Top Ten Shows on the new "Family Tier" cable programming package:

1) "North Park": A group of cute kids sing Barney songs, play tag and learn valuable moral lessons from their African-American friend, Chef.

2) Survivor: Salt Lake City: College students try to keep faith amidst a growing counter-culture and temptations including caffeine, Sudafed and Bailey's Irish Cream.

3) "The Sonatas": Italian-Americans run a piano tuning business, and volunteer in their community.

4) "Socks and the City": Residents of a Brooklyn retirement home discuss knitting, darning and their favorite cross-stitch patterns.

5) "15": Real time action as kids try to solve the latest library crime, but go to bed by 9 p.m.

6) "Plants": Growing organic food can be fun!

7) "Found": Castaways get rescued every week

8) "Well-Adjusted Housewives": Christmas cookies, minivans and snuggling, 24/7

9) CSI: Cattle Scene Investigators: Edgy and spooky tales involving cattle disappearances

10) Nip/Chuck: A long-lost series from the 1970's found deep in the vaults of Paramount starring the unlikely pairing of Nipsey Russell and Chuck Connors as Miami podiatrists removing corns and bunions from the Miami's beautiful people.

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