Tuesday, December 6, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

More Mobilizing Media

More important news regarding migrating content today -- NBC has announced a deal with Apple to distribute some of their popular programming via iTunes (WSJ). This deal represents yet another step in the migration of content into unregulated domains, where consumers have increasingly more control over media. As Adam has been saying, digital migration erodes the effectiveness of traditional content controls. With multiple, unrestricted channels for receiving the identical content, consumers can easily circumvent content regulation. Why watch a show that has scenes/content blocked when you can simply download it from a different source and watch it in its entirety? And anymore, the differences between unregulated and regulated sources from the consumer's perspective are dwindling.

On a related note, Cingular announced today the launch of their 3G network which allows users to obtain broadband internet access over cell phone signals. Such a service essentially increases the ability to obtain wireless internet access continuously, without needing to worry about finding a wi-fi hot-spot. Continuous access, coupled with increasingly digital, downloadable content, will further drive content migration. While the iPod is a fun, mobile device, visual quality is nowhere near that of a laptop. I can imagine it is only a matter of time before high-resolution, in-car displays are also connecting to such a service, further driving demand. As a business traveler, I can say that the ability to take my media with me and consume it wherever I want and without content restrictions is a highly appealing offer I am more than willing to pay for and take advantage of.

posted by Daniel English @ 11:28 PM | Mass Media