Wednesday, November 16, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Welcoming Daniel English

I'm excited to welcome Daniel English to the PFF blog and to announce that he has accepted an adjunct scholar position with us.

Daniel's area of expertise is media economics and the modern media landscape. I thought I knew a lot about media technologies and marketplace developments... and then I met Daniel! He seems to always have his finger on the pulse of what's hot in the media world and has a knack for understanding how it will likely impact existing media companies and services.

Daniel and I have already co-authored several papers or FCC filings together:

* "Testing 'Media Monopoly' Claims: A Look at What Markets Say"

* "Comments to the Federal Communications Commission on The Commissions Cable Horizontal and Vertical Ownership Limits"

* "The Comcast-Time Warner Deal for Adelphia: Much Ado About Nothing"

In these papers and filings, we attempt to document just how much the media world has changed (and for the better) over the past few decades. We have worked to develop a new framework for public policy that incorporates these new realities and which encourages lawmakers to reform public policy accordingly.

These are some of the themes that Daniel will be developing in his blog entries in addition to just highlighting all the cool new things going on in the world of media and high-technology. So welcome aboard Daniel!

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