Monday, November 14, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

New Blood at Commerce

Kudos to Robert Cresanti, the exceedingly capable vice president for public policy with the Business Software Alliance. President Bush has selected him to be Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology, and has already sent the nomination to the Senate. The Senate should be expedient in approving his nomination, because it's hard to imagine someone with a better grasp of both technology and the appropriate role of government.

I first learned of Cresanti when he was guiding the Senate's approach to the Year 2000 problem. (To those who say that was much ado about nothing -- maybe it turned out to be nothing because of all the preparatory work done?) I first met him when he left the Hill and joined the Information Technology Association of America. I have always found him to be informed and honest. He'll be replacing Phil Bond, who also is extremely informed and capable. I'm not convinced, however, that this Administration fully utilized Bond and another departed Commerce official I admire, Bruce Mehlman. Here's hoping the Administration will recognize the strengths of Cresanti and give him the latitude he needs to work with the private sector in important areas such as standards and security.

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