Thursday, October 6, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Bring on the Third Battle of Manassas

During the Civil War, the First and Second Battles of Manassas were important battles. Now, Manassas, nestled in the Virinia countryside a mere stone's throw or two from the Washington Beltway, is the scene of another potentially important skirmish. The Washington Post reports in an "Internet Carried On Power Lines" article that Chantilly, VA-based Communication Technologies, Inc. has completed city-wide installation of a broadband-over-powerline system in Manassas and "will step up marketing to Manassas's 12,500 households."

So, along with cable, FIOS, EVDO, the Manassasans (say that fast!) will have BPL in their future. Let the battles begin. This is the type of civil war Manassasans should welcome.

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