Thursday, July 7, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

The Chairman Speaks Loud and Clear

From the day he joined the Commission, Chairman Martin has been a consistent and articulate supporter of creating a uniform, deregulatory environment for broadband. His piece in today's WSJ makes the following two fundamental points:

--"Broadband platforms are engaged in fierce competition"

--"We need to place all broadband providers on equal footing so they can fairly compete in the marketplace. This means that we must treat all such providers in the same manner--free of undue regulation that can stifle infrastructure investment."

Chairman Martin is right on both counts, of course. And it is important that he is using his bully pulpit as FCC chair to educate the public--and to lead--on broadband policy. And, as Ray says, to get the job done, post Brand X, he needs two Republican commissioners of the same market-oriented mind.

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