Monday, May 2, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

The Spyware Debate

On Cnet news today, Declan McCullagh has an op-ed discussing the spyware legislation currently under discussion in Congress. McCullagh concludes that the Spy Act, sponsored by Mary Bono, is not necessary and has the potential to be a harmful piece of legislation. The Spy Act targets deceptive software that can lead to the theft of personal information and other misuses of a consumer's computer. Instead, he commends the approach taken by Representative Goodlatte, which targets problematic behavior, rather than technology. As stated previously in this space , the Goodlatte bill represents the most logical path towards legislating problems such as spyware and phishing. Its focus on the action, rather than the means through which the action was facilitated, affords the bill the ability to be effective, but prevents it from overreaching its objective and regulating a successful and unregulated entity like the Internet.

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