Thursday, April 14, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Murdoch: Embrace the Web

Murdoch urges newspapers to embrace the web. He is right, but how so? Haven't Google, Yahoo and the like already disaggregated media consumption? It seems the web allows us to consume more information, but from an enormously larger pool of sources. Traditional media sites all have web presences. But that is now supplemented by blogs, and access to a variety of new lenses that we never before has access to.

Murdoch is surely right, and the conniption that traditional media seem to be having about the Internet seems more a reflection on their loss of Authority than anything else. The Protestant Reformation against the traditional media is happening before our eyes. The question is whether the traditional media can put up with the inevitable market share loss, an Authority that comes with it.

posted by Ray Gifford @ 8:39 PM | Mass Media