Tuesday, April 5, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Blog Inflation: Sajak, Streisand, Shatner

OK, this whole blogging thing is offically out of control. Tonight, I somehow stumbled upon Pat Sajak's blog. Yes, that Pat Sajak. Mr. Wheel of Fortune himself.

You think that's scary? Guess what, Barbra Streisand has one too! Check it out.

Ironically, I stumbled upon these sites while researching claims of media bias on both the Left and Right. Sajak (a diehard conservative) claims the media is full of liberals; Barbra (obviously a Lefty) says that's nonsense. Maybe we can get these two superstars together for a big debate at PFF's annual Apsen summit. I think Barbara already lives out there anyway in a big house in the hills. We'll fly Pat out to meet her and let the sparks fly!

By the way, if you find the Sajak & Streisand blogs a bit dry, head over to William Shatner's blog. Bill's a hoot.

posted by Adam Thierer @ 11:34 PM | Mass Media