Wednesday, March 16, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Martin as Chair

Well, Kevin Martin was named the new FCC chairman today, and I'm quite optimistic he will be a good one. The agency needs an articulate and forceful leader who will explain to Congress, the White House, and the public that, in today's competitive digital environment, it is time to reform our commuications law and transform the FCC itself.

There will be plenty to say about all this in the coming days and weeks...For now it is enough to wish him well and note, as did the White House statement, that Kevin has degrees from both UNC and Duke. In other words, he knows that Tobacco Road runs through Chapel Hill and the Duke Chapel.

For the moment, forget about what Martin thinks about UNEs, broadband, universal service, or whatever. First things first. What I want to know is who will he choose if Duke ends up meeting Carolina in the Final Four?

posted by Randolph May @ 2:22 PM | The FCC