Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

DACA Launch and Essays

I thought yesterday's launch of our new Digital Age Communications project went very well--conveying a sense of why it is import at this particular point in time to reform our nation's communications laws and the seriousness of purpose with which PFF is undertaking this project.

Amidst all of the press concerning the mission and organization of the project, including the stellar composition of the five Working Groups and the Advisory Committee, I don't want the introductory essays we released yesterday to get lost. Because for anyone interested in understanding "what's wrong" with the current regime and "why reform now", A Digital Age Communcations Act: Essays on the Need for Communications Reform, authored by PFF's fellows, is a collection that provides valuable background and insights into the DACA project's motivating purposes. It sets the stage for the effort to follow. And we always welcome your feedback.

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