Monday, January 3, 2005 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Back Scratching

In a remarkable bit of back scratching, DeLong fils engages DeLong pere over a post at

Other than the arcane literary sensibilities the father appears to have imparted to the son, DeLong the lawyer and DeLong the economist both come out the other end of their respective posts not as law & economics positivists, but rather verging into the realm of moral philosophy. There seems little other guidance on how to solve the high fixed/low marginal cost questions.

In the general dialogue, to which the DeLongs are an exception, solving the marginal cost problem descends to the familiar, shrill, sanctimonious posing. Thus, the fair users are neo-Bolshies and the IP-rights crowd are supporters of some sinister scheme for pervasive corporate control. Not much room for discourse here, but plenty of vituperation and insults.

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