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Newspapers in Foxholes

CNet has reproduced a NYT Times piece which describes the results of a recent Pew survey on the future of the 'Net. One generally supported prognostication from the article - "the Internet and the rise of the blogger are expected to drive greater change in the news media and publishing industries than in any other sector of society."

It is an issue that the Times is already grappling with, according to the current cover story in Business Week. While the Times gets 90% of its revenue from its print business, the majority of its readers view it's free online addition, which is the paper's fastest-growing source of revenue due to advertising. (That said, the growing popularity of community websites such as Craigslist are mounting a significant assault on this business model.)

Thus, the Times is considering going to a paid subscription service akin to the Wall Street Journal. Business Week quotes NY Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger as saying the issue boils down to "how comfortable are we training a generation of readers to get quality information for free," which is "troubling."

BTW, for another take on the future of the 'Net, be sure to attend our luncheon with Internet co-founder Bob Kahn this Wednesday, where he will discuss digital object architecture.

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