Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Choice Words

Surely a great number of lawyers, analysts and assorted "experts" are crafting reactions to today's FCC decision on unbundling. Not a few of these people are my colleauges at PFF. Many smart people will say smart things about what it all means.

But before we get way into the weeds, as it were, I cannot help but notice an extremely poor choice of words in Commissioner Adelstein's statement. It appears that he compares ILECs to a python. Fair enough. Maybe that accurately reflects his view or maybe it is simply a poorly selected simile. But it is unfortunate for everyone that the "proverbial rat in a python" in Mr. Adelstein's statement likens consumers to a dead rat. That cannot be right. back to regular programming. Stay tuned for analysis, commentary and assorted blogs on what it all really means.

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