Tuesday, October 5, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Series Victory is in the Cards

The song remains the same. A Duke men's team lost to Connecticut again - this time in football, but Randy is probably still too busy paying homage to his Coach Krylewisdhodfshefsky shrine to care much. The goat came calling for the Cubs a little earlier this year and spared Kent, and the rest of us, from the inevitable. And Ray's Rockies did what they do best - which is losing in all sorts of original ways - to help usher the Dodgers and Astros into the playoffs last week.

Despite their pitching staff naysayers, this is the year for St. Louis, the home of toasted ravioli and perennial Emmy threats Scott Bakula and John Goodman, to once again win the Fall Classic. Dodgers in 4. Astros in 7. Red Sox in 6. Soulard will be hopping.

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