Wednesday, July 21, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

The Devil Ray

Well, I don't know whether it is the rapidly approaching Dog Days of summer ot whatnot, but I detect a certain incipient warming up to the Blue Devils on the part of the Devil Ray. See his post immediately above.
I confess that seeing myself in a basketball uniform brings back memories from my high school days when I was routinely assigned the task of guarding Pistol Pete Maravich from Raleigh Broughton down in Kent Lassman territory. How many points did Pistol Pete score? Don't ask. All I will say is he should've been a Blue Devil rather than following his Dad to LSU.

Well, I'm encouraged that the Devil Ray is developing a liking for Dookies. Or at the very least, he knows good news when he sees it!

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