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Surprisingly Civil Discourse (The End, I Hope)

Regarding the Telecom Policy Report affair, I have received the following message below from Tim Wu in further clarification. See my last two posts below for the context:
I had a chance to read the article and speak with Chris, and I think things are better. While I do disagree with Yoo, these views were expressed in an inflammatory fashion in that article, and did not reflect the tenor of my remarks. The point about not coming because of an imbalance was clear error. I am very sorry that any of this happened. See you, Tim

This message, along with the earlier one from Professor Wu copied in my post below, are pretty much sufficient to close the book on the TPR report. Whatever the "newsletter's" motives, and assuming that Professor Wu's version of events is accurate, it is now crystal clear that the TPR "reporting" on Christopher Yoo's excellent paper bore little relationship to reality.  You might expect that anyone who now reads TRP will take what is written with a grain of salt.

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