Thursday, June 10, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

TRO's Demise Good for Competition

Steve Rosenbush in Business Week writes, "Finally, A Free Market for Telecom" in reaction to the D.C. Circuit's decision standing. The conclusion:
[C]ompetition won't be diminished whatsoever by the end of the FCC's rules. Wireless, cable telephony, and Internet phone upstarts like Vonage don't need to lease lines from the Bells, because they have independent networks or rely on the Internet to carry their traffic. Even AT&T, which has been a big beneficiary of the wholesale rules, is moving into wireless and VoIP. It should be able to survive on its own. And if it can't, that's a sign that long-distance companies no longer make sense as separate entities in an era of bundled services and digital convergence.

After years of trying to micromanage telecom, the government finally is stepping aside and letting technology drive the market. And the telecom revolution, which got bogged down in years of court battles, financial disaster, and scandal, is moving ahead once again.

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