Tuesday, May 4, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

For Procrastinators

A little Internet browsing this morning produces enough interesting stuff for a whole day of procrastination.

The SEC's website has the Google stock registration statement, and Red Herring (registration required) has some interesting thoughts on it. The Google deal also raises fascinating issues about the changing nature of capital, which is now mostly intellectual as opposed to, say, a century ago when it was mostly physical. For some PFF thoughts on this, see here.

A World Bank report on Open Source Software: Perspectives for Development (Nov. 2003) is available. For the Cliff Notes version, click here.

TechCentralStation has an amusing article on EU regulation of tomatoes, making the larger and eternally-true point that bureaucratic regulation is the enemy of innovation. Some might regard this humble example as containing lessons for U.S. tech policy.

UPDATE: Add the report issued by the American Council for Capital Formation on Macroeconomic Effects of Telecommunications Deregulation (April 2004), prepared by Decision Economics, Inc.

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