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As Copps's World Turns

Commissioner Copps is on fire this week. From the Washington Times:
[Copps] told reporters Wednesday that the FCC should review whether soap operas violate the agency's indecency prohibitions, according to Television Week, an industry trade publication.

Mr. Copps, one of two Democrats on the five-member panel, said he stumbled across a racy soap-opera scene while channel-surfing recently.
"It was pretty steamy stuff for the middle of the afternoon," Mr. Copps said.

Since the FCC is on a full-fledged indecency crusade, here's my two cents. Soaps should now be shown with a ten-second delay. The delaying mechanism can be hardwired into Commissioner Copps's office. When the passion between the previously-thought-to-be-deceased woman and the guy who may have fathered three illegitimate children becomes too much to handle, the Commissioner can hit a big red button labeled "PUBLIC INTEREST" until the interlude is once again fit for those watching at home.

Absurd? Oh sure. But the same goes for the bipartisan jockeying over indecency since the "nipple seen around the world."

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