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In Your Heart

No, I'm not suggesting--right now--that in your heart you know I'm right that switching should be removed from the UNE mandate. I'm suggesting that in your heart, deep down, you know you are pulling for that braveband of Blue Devils who face the mighty Connecticut Huskies on Saturday night in the NCAA semifinals. In your heart, deep down, you know you want the Dukies, led by still playing-hurt Chris Duhon, to beat the Huskies. You want Coach K. (Adam--note the correct spelling of his name) to bring home yet one more championship.

So, we'll see. It's time for the trash talkin' to stop. Follow the ball.

PS--Even with our hearts--and, yes, our minds too--now pulled in the direction of San Antonio, it's not too early to begin thinking about the upcoming big game in Annapolis pitting Ray's alma mater tiny St. Johns against the the entire Navy, or at least the entire Naval Academy. I have in mind, of course, the annual croquet match between the two schools. See Ray's March 29 post below. Don't expect any big bonfires afterwards on the winner's campus. Ray assures me that everyone just goes off to the annual Croquet Ball, on a Rocky Mountain-like high contemplating the opening of tiddly-winks season on May 1!

Croquet anyone? Go SJC!
Amidst the celebration of the Blue Devil's ascendancy...ho, hum...a real sport enters the spring season. The St. John's College-Naval Academy Annual Croquet Match is April 24 in Annapolis. Duke probably doesn't even have a croquet team.
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